Don't Let Your Schedule Prevent You
from Working Out

Finding an exercise schedule that suits you is the first step to beginning a healthier, more active lifestyle, and the Y is giving you the opportunity to achieve your goals on your time. We are now offering four extended hours facilities that give you the convenience of working out on a schedule that fits your lifestyle. The best part is there is NO ADDITIONAL MONTHLY FEE!

Sign up for Fitness+ Access Today

No more excuses, because scheduling your workout just got easier! Adult members (ages 18+) of the YMCA of Upper Palmetto are welcome to apply for Fitness+ access at the Member Services desk of your local Y. 

To apply for access, you must sign a Fitness+ Access Agreement, agreeing to abide by our code of conduct. Access Agreements can be signed at any YMCA front desk location or by downloading the agreement below and bringing into the Y. Fitness+ members are welcome to use the participating Y’s fitness center, free weight area and pin machines during any designated Fitness+ time. Please note, there will be no staff available to assist members during non-staffed hours.

Any adult YMCA of Upper Palmetto member (ages 18+) may access Fitness+ by completing and signing an Access Agreement, which can be signed at any YMCA front desk or downloaded at the link below. This benefit is ONLY for adult members. Each adult (18+) member must sign the Access Agreement individually to gain access. Individuals with a guest pass, Nationwide memberships and other third-party memberships (Silver Sneakers, Silver & Fit or Active & Fit) are not eligible for access. Once a signed agreement is received and uploaded, you will gain access for after hours usage. Please allow 1-2 days for submitted agreements to be uploaded.


Fitness+ access is limited to adults, ages 18 and older. 


  • Day pass guests are only allowed in the Y’s during normal business hours when a YMCA staff member is on duty.
  • No guests are allowed to utilize the Fitness+ access area after business hours, as it is a program for members only.
  • Please be aware that your key fob is to be used only for your own entrance into the facility. Members with Fitness+ access cannot grant access to others, even if they are known to you or members of your family. This is done so the Y can track who is in the building at all times. 
  • Members with Fitness+ access can utilize the fitness center at their own risk.


As a member with Fitness+ access, you may use the Fitness Center area of the Y during the specified hours. The Y will be staffed during normal operating hours. There will be no YMCA staff on hand during Fitness+ hours to assist members. After normal operating hours end, the following areas will be unavailable:

  • Group Exercise Rooms
  • Spin Rooms

In the event that your key fob does not work and you have a signed Access Agreement on file, please call the Y during normal operating hours for assistance.

Please use the same entrance and exit location when entering and leaving. Emergency exits are available to use only in the event of an emergency as an audible alarm will go off.

All Fitness+ users must exit the facility at the end of access hours posted in the facility.

For members to have the added benefit of the Fitness+ access program, the YMCA must have a photo ID on file. This is required for any member that wants to participate in the Fitness+ access program. Please also ensure that your contact information and emergency contact information are accurate and up to date. 


Members will need to exit the facility at the close of the regular business hours and scan to re-enter for the Fitness+ hours. YMCA staff needs to ensure all users are eligible with a signed Access Agreement.

Fitness+ members may only enter and exit out of the main, front door entrance. The facility side doors are for emergency exit only (audible alarm will sound if the exit doors are opened). 


  • The Y has a 24-hour video recording system for security purposes. It will be reviewed on a daily basis to address any security concerns and monitor who is entering the building. Please note that this system does not provide staffing assistance for any emergency that might arise.
  • A telephone is located at the fitness desk in case of emergency. In the event of an emergency, immediately dial 911.
  • If there is loss of power in the building, please immediately exit the building.


If a member fails to abide by the policies established or follow the member code of conduct guidelines, their Fitness+ access and their YMCA membership will be revoked without refund. 

The following behavior is strictly prohibited:

  • Bringing a gym bag or another large bag into the facility.
  • Providing entry to the facility after normal operating hours to any member or non-member, even if they are known to you. All members must scan their own key fob to enter.
  • Theft or destruction of equipment, parts or merchandise or theft from another member or of any contents in the facility.
  • Failure to wear shoes, or wearing open-toe shoes, sandals or flip-flops.
  • Aggressive or vulgar language, including swearing, name calling or shouting. Any use of profanity toward members and staff.
  • Providing personal training, consulting, instruction or coaching to other members.
  • Use of equipment in a manner different than intended by the manufacturer.
  • Selling merchandise and/or products of any kind.
  • Alcohol and/or drug consumption on the premises or entering the facility under the influence of any substance.
  • No food, except for sports drinks and water, is allowed on the fitness floor.
  • Physical and verbal confrontations. These will result in revocation of membership for all involved.
  • Any use of camera or video equipment (including cell phones) to take photos or videos of other members in the facility.
  • Using another member’s scan card or providing another member’s information to purchase items or check-in to the facility.
  • No weapons of any type are allowed inside the facility.
  • Projecting phone calls or music. Any personal music usage requires headphones or earbuds.

By signing the Access Agreement, you agree to the following:

  • I understand that Fitness+ access is limited to adults, age 18 and older and that if I provide access to someone under the age of 18, my membership will be canceled immediately and without refund.
  • I understand that my Fitness+ access is exclusive to me and that I may not give anyone else access to use it.
  • I understand that I am not allowed to bring any guests or allow anyone to enter the Y facility other than myself.
  • I understand that the YMCA of Upper Palmetto highly recommends that I have an adult workout partner (who also has Fitness+ membership access) accompany me while using the YMCA during unstaffed hours. The YMCA of Upper Palmetto uses 24-hour video monitoring of the Y facilities for security purposes. This system does not provide staffing assistance for emergencies but is reviewed daily to address any security concerns and to monitor building access. It is likely that should I require immediate assistance, none will be provided. 

At all four of our Fitness+ facilities, members with signed waivers will have access from 5:00AM to 11:00PM, 365 days a year.

On holidays the YMCA is closed, Fitness+ members will still have access 5:00AM – 11:00PM.

Angie Smith

Angie Smith, is a gifted writer, encourager and loving mother of four. Together with her husband, former NFL player Steve Smith, they established The Steve Smith Family Foundation, which is dedicated to providing hope and inspiration to those in need while advancing causes  close to the family’s heart – Promoting family health & wellness as well as the awareness and prevention of domestic violence.

In 2022, The Steve Smith Foundation and Mecklenburg County partnered to create Charlotte’s first behavioral health urgent care, a 24/7, 365 urgent care facility dedicated to mental health and substance abuse needs.

Angie’s commitment to her family, transparency and unselfishness, by putting other’s needs before her own, is an inspiration to all of us!

Alan Tyson

Alan Tyson is the President Architech Sports and Physical Therapy. He was the former Vice President of Sports Performance and Rehabilitation for OrthoCarolina. He is a physical therapist board certified as a sports clinical specialist, a certified athletic trainer and certified strength and conditioning specialist. He has worked with the Charlotte Knights (AAA affiliate of the Chicago White Sox) and continues to serve as a consultant to the team. Alan is also a consultant with the Carolina Panthers and Charlotte Eagles.

Alan has spoken regionally and nationally on various training topics including the foot and ankle, spine care, hip and knee rehabilitation, and he has developed two continuing education courses on the shoulder. He has written 3 books and developed specific training programs for the female athlete, the baseball pitcher, and for football players preparing for the NFL combines. Alan is also an associate editor of the National Strength and Conditioning Journal. He co-hosted a weekly radio show “Health Headlines” on 1110AM WBT with Stacey Sims and Dr. Russ Greenfield for 3 years.

Antoinette Johnson

Meet Antoinette Johnson, the inspiring culinary star of “America’s Test Kitchen: The Next Generation” Hailing from Lexington, KY, she transforms simple, humble ingredients into extraordinary dishes, all while championing the use of fresh, locally-sourced produce. Through her triumph on “America’s Test Kitchen: The Next Generation,” Antoinette’s unwavering perseverance catapulted her career, proving that with passion and determination, anything is possible. With a heart dedicated to community and a love for supporting local farmers, Antoinette’s journey is a testament to embracing change, fostering growth, and inspiring others to follow their culinary dreams.

Beyond her culinary triumphs, Antoinette is a firm believer in the power of evolution and perseverance. She stands as a shining example of how one can constantly evolve, change, and grow on their journey to success. Antoinette’s story is one of resilience and determination, inspiring others to follow their passions despite any challenges they may encounter.

Now, with a cookbook deal and cash grand prize, Antoinette is forging ahead on her culinary adventure, driven by the desire to prove herself and inspire her daughter.