We know firsthand how difficult it can be to find a balance in life. That’s why we’re here with you every day, making sure that you, your family and your community have the resources and support needed to learn, grow and thrive. With a focus on developing the potential of kids, improving health and well-being, and giving back and supporting our neighbors, your membership will not just bring about meaningful change in yourself, but in your community too.

Visit any of our YMCA locations to join. We also offer facility tours and helpful information about all the amenities and services the Y has to offer.

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At the Y, we are for Youth Development, Healthy Living and Social Responsibility

Benefits of Membership


Personal Training

Group Fitness Classes


No Annual Contract

Community Health


Association Membership

All memberships include access to any of our tri-county area YMCA locations.

  • The Adult + Dependents categories are designed to accommodate all those who wish to add additional adults or dependents to their membership.
  • To qualify for the Adult + Dependents categories, members must reside at the same address and pay monthly dues from one bank account. To learn more about the Adult + Dependents category, please inquire at your local branch.
  • For Senior Memberships, the age of the individual completing the first page of the application is responsible for the payment and determines the membership category.
  • Y Members 19 years and older have unlimited use of YMCA facilities.
  • Y Members 15 to 18 years may use all YMCA facilities except the adult locker rooms.
  • Y Members 10 to 14 years may use the YMCA Fitness facility cardio machines if accompanied by an adult.
  • Y Members 12 to 14 years may also use the YMCA weight machines after receiving a Y Staff orientation. 
  • Y Members younger than 11 must have adult supervision when using YMCA facilities.

First Visit: Complimentary (No Fee)
Second Visit: $15 for individual day pass; $25 for household day pass

  • All guests/non-members ages 16 and older must present a State or Government-Issued Photo I.D. with current address. Without a valid ID, guests/non-members will not be allowed into the facility.
  • Youth Guideline*
    • Ages 11 and Younger must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian during their entire visit.
    • Ages 12-17 must have their parent or legal guardian over the age of 18 sign the guest waiver.
  • YMCA Nationwide Memberships are accepted except for YMCA of Greater Charlotte and Gaston County Family YMCA. (Each YMCA is a independent, autonomous organization – The YMCA of Upper Palmetto is not part of the YMCA of Greater Charlotte association.)
  • All guests must sign general waiver and photo release. All guests must adhere to the code of conduct set forth by the YMCA of Upper Palmetto.
  • Week Guest Passes may be purchased by a member or with a member for $30 for an individual and $50 for a household week guest pass. Non-member guest passes are limited to two individual passes or one (1) week per calendar year.
  • Please Note: Indian Land YMCA is not permitting guests at this time.

Special Membership Types

The Y welcomes all people to make sure that everyone, regardless of age, backgrounds, or income has the opportunity to learn grow and thrive. Our Financial Assistance Program is offered to individuals and families who cannot afford membership or programs.

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Through a corporate membership at the Upper Palmetto YMCA, employees can get fit, stay fit, and save money… all while helping your company improve its fiscal health. Companies with at least five employees are eligible.

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The National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) is a union representing the interests of football players. To assist former football players in their transition from the playing field to life after the game, the NFLPA has identified a need for services that impact the long-term health and well-being of eligible players. The NFLPA is providing funding along with “The Trust” (a sperate organization focused on providing more intensive supports to former players who have 2 credited NFL seasons) for former NFL players to obtain memberships to the YMCA in their communities.
Contact Krysten Franks at 803-324-9622 x231 or see a staff member at any Upper Palmetto YMCA for more information.

In partnership with the Armed Services YMCA, the Department of Defense is proud to offer 6-month gym membership at participating YMCA facilities. The Military Outreach Initiative provides government funding for eligible military families to receive memberships at full-facility YMCAs in their communities. Contact Krysten Franks at 803-324-9622 x231 or see a staff member at any Upper Palmetto YMCA for more information.

As our appreciation for former service, the joining fee is waived for all US Veterans.