Corporate Memberships

Why should your company participate?

  • Encouraging healthy behaviors leads to reduced health risks, meaning fewer health care expenses for the company.
  • Poor health and stress are leading causes for employee absenteeism while good physical and mental health helps reduce absenteeism.
  • Healthier life choices help improve productivity.
  • Strong focus on corporate wellness is helpful in employee retention and recruitment.
  • For every dollar spent on corporate wellness programs, statistics show a company savings of anywhere from $2.30 to $10.10.
  • Participating in a YMCA Corporate Membership can help reduce employee’s risk for health conditions, and help your bottom line.
Contact Krysten Franks at 803-324-9622 x231 or see a staff member at any YMCA of Upper Palmetto branch for more information.

Corporate Membership Inquiry

Thank You!

Thank you for donating to the YMCA of Upper Palmetto and honoring the loved ones in your life with a holiday card at the same time! You will be sent an invoice in the next two business days to process your payment. Please also complete the form at this link so we can address and mail out your holiday cards accordingly!