Gifts of Securities

Your support - in every shape and form - can make a difference in building strong community.

Gifts of appreciated securities (stocks) can be the best way for many people to make a gift to the YMCA of Upper Palmetto, particularly if they have grown in value. When a donor gifts us stocks, they may save on taxes twice and increase the gift they are able to give.

Typically, a sale of appreciated securities results in a tax on the amount that the securities have increased. This means that you are allowed to keep only a portion of the profit. When you donate these appreciated securities to the YMCA, you avoid the capital gains tax while also earning a charitable deduction on the full value of the securities, even the portion that has increased in value. If a gift of appreciated securities makes sense for you, please make note of the information on this page.

If the Stock is Held in a Brokerage Account

Contact our Director of Development, Olivia Chamblee at [email protected] or 803-324-9622 x234 for stock transfer instructions.

If the Stock Certificates are in Your Possession

  1. Mail the unsigned stock certificates with a brief transmittal letter that includes your name, name of stock(s), number of shares to be donated and your gift intentions. For example: “The enclosed certificates represent my contribution to the YMCA of Upper Palmetto Annual Campaign.”
    Mail to:
    YMCA of Upper Palmetto
    Development Office
    151 S. Oakland Ave.
    Rock Hill, SC 29730
    Attn: Olivia Chamblee
  2. In a separate envelope, mail a signed, stock power form to the above address. Only your signature is required on this form. Stock power forms may be obtained from a bank or your broker. Please include a copy of your transmittal letter.
  3. Upon receipt, the YMCA of Upper Palmetto will provide you with an acknowledgment of your gift.